Why youth volunteer

Poster created by the 2013 Youth Animators

We are sure you have heard from parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, teachers, babysitters, lunch lady, grocery check out clerk, soccer coach, etc about the importance of volunteering.


Yep, we’ve all heard it.  And, you have to do it in order to graduate!


But it’s not just about the 40 hours. Volunteering can be about you.


And what you like to do. 


There are always plenty of opportunities to volunteer in Toronto and this site will point you toward as many as we can gather. Check out Volunteer Opportunities to start your search. If you don’t find anything you like, DON’T GIVE UP, go to Volunteer Toronto and search our even BIGGER database! And, if you really like the look of something but aren’t sure if the organization accepts youth, send them an email and tell them about your skills and interests. They may create an opportunity!

It’s important that you look for something that interests you. And, if the experience doesn’t work out, try another! You are not always going to get it right first time. Volunteering is about YOU making a difference using your skills and experience. And who knows, you might learn something too!


  Reasons we think volunteering is better than sitting at home…

2013-02-19 13.40.38

         Help to make your community awesome!

         Test out possible career options…think of it as the appetizer to your career dinner

         Discover skills you may have never known you had. “Wow, I can fly?

         Improve on the skills you have already


Make some wicked new friends. “OMG! You love tacos too?!jServe-1

Challenge yourself

Help other people

Improve communication skills…you know, learn how to speak good

     DSC_6193   Enhance self-esteem, gain confidence and feel good about yourself. You Are Awesome!

        Get references from people other than your parents

        Get specialized training

        Make yourself look good on resume and college/university applications

       Apply for scholarships/awards for outstanding volunteer efforts


Have some fun while doing it!

Start volunteering now!



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